Proof of a long life

Meet Utah, age 17

With EUKANUBA and appropriate care

To better understand the effects that nutrition can have on longevity, EUKANUBA embarked on a ten year observation involving 39 very special Labradors.

Their health and longevity were monitored and the results were unprecedented – nearly 90% of Labrador Retrievers fed EUKANUBA, together with appropriate care, lived beyond the breed’s typical twelve year life expectancy.

Even more astonishingly, almost a third (28%) of the dogs achieved exceptional longevity by living beyond an incredible 15.6 years. One dog, Utah, lived until the ripe old age of 17 years and 11 months. That’s the equivalent of approximately 109 years in human terms.

At EUKANUBA we are passionate about helping your dog live a longer, healthier life with you. That’s why all of our life stage specific foods offer tailored nutrition that builds over a dog’s lifetime.

** Exceptional longevity in Labradors (15.6 years) is defined as living +30% longer than the breed´s typical life span of 12 years.



Meet the dogs


 Dog in field  Dog running in field
 Bunny, Age 16  Clown, Age 16
 Dog in long grass  Utah
 Iowa, Age 17  Utah, Age 17

The Longevity Council

We assembled the Longevity Council, a distinguished panel of vets, breeders and pet nutrition experts. They agreed that the unparalleled results demonstrated and redefined what successful ageing in dogs can look like.

“Only EUKANUBA has shown that their nutritional innovations can help more dogs fulfil their genetic potential and achieve exceptional longevity. The premium nutrition in EUKANUBA, combined with quality veterinary and daily care, has made it possible for dogs to live healthy, longer and more vibrant lives" The Longevity Council

The EUKANUBA range

Our 10-year longevity observation was invaluable in shaping our knowledge and helped us create our new range of recipes. It helped highlight how different nutritional components of a recipe provide health and wellbeing that builds from one life stage to the next for a better lifelong impact.

Our tasty recipes contain all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to take care of every aspect of their physical wellbeing, such as strong bones and supple joints, a shiny and radiant coat and healthy teeth and gums.